Review of Intuited Architectures on The Sound Projector

Review of Intuited Architectures in The Sound Projector.


“….Glasgow-based Graeme Truslove is a seasoned sonic scientist; using metaphorical microscope to illuminate the sub-cellular dimension’s peculiar turns of phrase, weaving these into chaotic tapestries with which he invades performance spaces…..”

“…..Easily the most visceral and variegated of today’s offerings, the measures of relief of its softer, more diaphanous moments are but brief intercessions of self-deluding dream between nerve-peeling screeches of reality……”

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Gonzo Circus: Review of Intuited Architectures


Review of Intuited Architectures in the Dutch online music magazine Gonzo Circus.

“…in the first three pieces of the album, which together form a suite, there is a alienating combination of calm and nervousness. Sweeping tones and elongated lines are accompanied by almost stumping sounds here, a dry and muted crackling and tickling sound there, or with a multitude of bouncing and rustling sounds. Occasionally sounds of what rhythms can become, but before you know they have disappeared again. In addition, there are continuous changes of atmosphere and events; There is a lot happening, a structure is difficult to identify….”

“…Highlight is the closing ‘Strata’, in which the Scot receives support from George Lyle. Beautiful long lines of electronics and stroke bass twist, drones sound together with short sounds, all with a warm and organic feel…”

(excerpts translated using Google Translate)  Full article available here.

Blow Up: Review of Intuited Architectures


Review of Intuited Architectures in the Italian music magazine Blow Up.  Excerpt:

“….The title of the disc speaks of “intuitive architectures”. They could be an architectural remit of Calder’s sculptures, of “sound” sculptures, which in space vibrate and, by playing, the motion unfolded over time creates sounds. Composition is a dynamic, vibratory organization of space vibrating and, by playing, the motion unfolded over time creates sounds. Composition is thus a dynamic, vibratory organization of space in time, a “sculpture of time” or – perhaps better yet – taking up the architectural image, a caliberal urbanism, in which every moment comes to a surprise, in the play between Warp and weft….”

Translated using Google Translate.

BBC Radio 3 – Late Junction


A broadcast featuring excerpts from the album Intuited Architectureson the BBC Radio 3 show Late Junction.  Transcription of the broadcast:

“…We’ve got some incredible speakers in the studio here at Late Junction and I hope you’ve got a similar pair at home because there are some extraordinary sounds in that piece, it’s so extra-dimensional when it comes to electroacoustic music. I just love the way the sounds are kinda thrown around in the stereo picture – side to side, backwards, forwards, and really in the hands there of a very skilled composer. It’s part of a piece called Portals, by Glasgow-based Graeme Truslove, who created that piece from what he calls a kind of Sonic DNA of carefully recorded sounds and samples.  It’s a piece that won him an award in 2010, and it’s now been released on CD thanks to the Cronica label.  It’s an album called Intuited Architectures.”

Verity Sharp, The Late Junction Show, BBC Radio 3, Broadcast 12th July 2017 at 11pm.

Nitestylez: Review of Intuited Architectures


Review of Intuited Architectures

“…Divergent Dialogues amalgamates both hyperabstract Electronica and repetetive Electroacoustic Improvisation to a highly scientific sounding effect before turning into a radio transmission from a future beyond our imagination…..”

“…and the final, 20 minutes spanning cut named Strata leads us through the full spectrum of Graeme Truslove’s work from full-on guitar improv to droning Ambient sequences and beyond. Abstract, yet interesting for those digging the far out spheres of electronic music. …”

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Bad Alchemy: Review of Intuited Architectures

Review of Intuited Architectures

“..Portals, as a soft plastic, is a splendid piece, highly plastic, never graspable in its sinuous and booming, coming and going mobility with wiry inner skeleton…”

“..Concrètisation X‘, kakophon, scratchy, impulsive, pounding to dull, hollow articulation. Metalwork rolls, loud and softly swaying, it starts to tingle, then again guitaristic lutes, decaying, perishing, percussive..”

Translated using Google Translate

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Review of Intuited Architectures – SilenceAndSound

Review of Intuited Architectures

… Multi-award-winning artist, Graeme Truslove plays on paradigms, composing a world close to chaos, where silences and abrasive climbs form a coherent whole multiplying the tracks and interpretations.

…Subtle through the use of sound sources that he transposes and transforms into tiny living organisms, Graeme Truslove creates a world that seems to be discovered under the microscope, made of piles of entities with impressive mutation abilities. Very highly recommended.

(Translated using Google translate)

Read the full review by Roland Torres here.

Review of Intuited Architectures – Sigil of Brass

Review of Intuited Architectures

“…  I love this album. Like a thousand ants walking over the microphone the sounds that are coming from my stereo are rare, electronic/biological hybrids.

“… The juxtaposition of composed, static piece and live improv is achieved here in spades – I really dig this album.

Read the full review here.

Review of Intuited Architectures – Chain D.L.K


Review of Intuited Architectures

“…  Graeme Truslove’s sonic mosaics use glitchy, electronic sounds to create gently disquieting ethereal soundscapes full of synthetic bubbles, clicks and pitter-patters. Exploring automation techniques, Truslove generates music that seems to be disassembling and reassembling itself  ..”

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CD Release


Released on Crónica Electronica on 09/05/2017.

Available for download here.


  1. Suite II, Portals (07:36)
  2. Suite II, Convergence (08:26)
  3. Suite II, Divergent Dialogues (08:19)
  4. Elements (08:22)
  5. Concrètisations X (14:45)
  6. Strata (20:24)


  • All pieces created by Graeme Truslove.
  • Double Bass on Strata performed by George Lyle.
  • Photo by Alison Clifford.
  • Produced with support from The University of the West of Scotland.

RIP George Lyle


I am deeply saddened that my good friend and long-term musical collaborator George Lyle passed away today.  George and I played together for over twelve years.  We had arranged to play together this weekend.

You can hear our work here:

An article was written in The Wire about George, you can read it here.

Performance: Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow, Scotland.

The Scottish School of Flower Arranging (James Wyness and Graeme Truslove) performed Rikka at the CCA, Glasgow this month as part of  the xCoAx conference.  Unfortunately James could not make it due to personal circumstances, so I created a simple shuffling algorithm to select from some of James’ solo recordings and did a solo show.