Gonzo Circus: Review of Intuited Architectures


Review of Intuited Architectures in the Dutch online music magazine Gonzo Circus.

“…in the first three pieces of the album, which together form a suite, there is a alienating combination of calm and nervousness. Sweeping tones and elongated lines are accompanied by almost stumping sounds here, a dry and muted crackling and tickling sound there, or with a multitude of bouncing and rustling sounds. Occasionally sounds of what rhythms can become, but before you know they have disappeared again. In addition, there are continuous changes of atmosphere and events; There is a lot happening, a structure is difficult to identify….”

“…Highlight is the closing ‘Strata’, in which the Scot receives support from George Lyle. Beautiful long lines of electronics and stroke bass twist, drones sound together with short sounds, all with a warm and organic feel…”

(excerpts translated using Google Translate)  Full article available here.