BBC Radio 3 – Late Junction


A broadcast featuring excerpts from the album Intuited Architectureson the BBC Radio 3 show Late Junction.  Transcription of the broadcast:

“…We’ve got some incredible speakers in the studio here at Late Junction and I hope you’ve got a similar pair at home because there are some extraordinary sounds in that piece, it’s so extra-dimensional when it comes to electroacoustic music. I just love the way the sounds are kinda thrown around in the stereo picture – side to side, backwards, forwards, and really in the hands there of a very skilled composer. It’s part of a piece called Portals, by Glasgow-based Graeme Truslove, who created that piece from what he calls a kind of Sonic DNA of carefully recorded sounds and samples.  It’s a piece that won him an award in 2010, and it’s now been released on CD thanks to the Cronica label.  It’s an album called Intuited Architectures.”

Verity Sharp, The Late Junction Show, BBC Radio 3, Broadcast 12th July 2017 at 11pm.