‘Substratum’ is an audiovisual artwork and the first in a series of collaborations by artist-composer duo, Alison Clifford and Graeme Truslove. Their collaborative series ‘Interstitial Articulations,’ combines both of their artistic practices in an attempt to explore the space between abstract sound and image.

Independently, both artists work with technology to devise new processes for creating audio (Truslove) and visual (Clifford) works.

Truslove’s work is typically concerned with exploring the space between acoustic and electro-acoustic sound, and between improvised and fixed forms. The audio in ‘Substratum’ is devised from samples of bowed notes performed on a double bass, multiplied and arranged into rich, deeply layered textures by digital montage processes and computer algorithms.

Clifford’s artistic practice is concerned with the process of translating between different forms of visual media, exploring what is lost or gained through such interpretation. For ‘Substratum,’ she developed computer algorithms that ‘translate’ samples from still photographic light paintings into animated fragments. She then sculpts the fragments into multi-layered moving image works that interpret the deep textures of the audio, creating an immersive audiovisual experience.


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