Duration: 7.41

Included on the album Intuited Architectures, published on Crónica Electronica, available for download here.  Also published by Musiques & Recherches, available here.

The material used for creating Portals consisted of a large collection of sampled impulses, collected from a wide range of sound files.  Some of these impulses were real-world sources – complete recorded collisions such as strings being struck and paper being crumpled, whereas other impulses were constructed from fragments of longer samples, which were cut and spliced to form synthetic ‘impossible’ impacts.

Portals is structured as a series of short, sharply-defined movements.  Each of these was created from its own unique subset of the ‘global’ collection of impulses, which functioned as a kind of sonic ‘DNA’, forming a distinct musical identity. Certain impulses were shared across several subsets, integrating them within the fabrics of numerous movements, acting as a means of creating coherence across the work as a whole.


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