Electroacoustic Suite


Fixed-Medium – 3 movements
Suite Duration: 15.40

3rd movement: ES_1.3
Duration 7.26

My original experiments, when creating this movement, focused on morphing between different homophonic textures, but what soon became apparent was that the transitions sounded much more interesting than these static textures alone, which sounded texturally thin in comparison. I decided to take this to an extreme, and create a slowly evolving piece that focused on these areas of intense textural density.

The source sounds were derived using four analogue effects processors. They were connected in a way that allowed the processed signals to be sent to any effects processor, allowing the possibility of infinite feedback loops. The whole piece was derived from around thirty seconds of these feedback experiments. This small segment suggested the pieces’ entire structure, providing the sudden introduction and the forceful ending.

The piece was composed in two halves in a way that evolved towards its centre. All materials within the piece evolved from previous materials (in the first half) or future materials (in the second half), with the two halves merging in the centre.


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