Cymbiose, Graeme Truslove (2013) from Sonic Fusion on Vimeo.

Ambisonic Sound Installation.

Cymbiose is a synthetic sonic landscape, inspired by field recordings of natural environments.  In creating a poetic interpretation of these spaces, I was concerned with somehow harnessing and extending the kind of micro-rhythmic exchanges that occur between various creatures in their natural habitat  – e.g. birdsong, frog choruses, crickets etc.  I was especially interested in the patterns that these communications articulate in space, forming transitory, pointillistic sound structures in air.

The piece consists of 10 fragmented streams of sound, which combine to form a network of momentary sonic interactions, spanning the spatial extremes of the listening environment.  The streams were created from recorded improvisations, performed using a set of software instruments that I created using Max/MSP.

The work is largely static in form, drawing focus towards the interplay between the various sound sources that are positioned around the space. These ephemeral interchanges vary throughout the work, causing it to evolve organically as it progresses.

Many thanks to: Ben Shirley, Paul Power, Rob Oldfield, Darius Satongar, Stephen Davismoon and Kit Turner for all their support in realising this project.

Cymbiose was funded by a Salford Sonic Research Commission.

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